About Us

The Students' Council (SC) is the representative body of the entire student community of the Indian Institute of Science. We are the interface between the students and the administration and we work together to identify and address concerns that affect the students directly and indirectly. It represents the interests of the students and participates in discussions and decisions that affect the student community.

We aim at the all round development of students and organize several extra curricular events through the year in association with the Gymkhana and the various activity clubs on campus. SC also coordinates the student volunteer effort for the Institute events that are organized periodically. We also provide an opportunity to be a part of activities, motivated by our sense of social responsibility and aimed at giving back to society.

The SC is led by the Governing Council constituted by the Chairman, the General Secretary, the Secretary - Academic Affairs and the Secretary - Women's Affairs . The members of the Governing Council are elected for a term of one year. They work with the Steering Committee which is the policy-making & advisory body and the Executive Committee formed by the coordinators of various SC committees to implement its decisions and plans. Two representatives from each of the departments are members of the Council.

Do browse through the website to know more about the SC, its committees and activities.