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    As an average Indian, you have ordered a pizza once a month if you have visited a restaurant or distributed. As you get this bill, you have seen the actual price of the item + service tax + VAT.The real pizza price is Rs. 545.00. It has a 5.8% service tax and 14.5% watts. Total bill Rs. 655.00.If you eat in a restaurant, there is something called service charge – usually 8-10 percent depending on their cost structure. It was not given to the state.

    All the lines you see are called indirect taxes – you do not pay directly to the government, not in an indirect way. There are many taxes to pay for an average consumer. Indirect tax includes entertainment tax, value added tax, exchanges, import duties, luxury taxes, central sales taxes, service taxes, dividend spread taxes, and taxes.
    GST Suvidha Provider is marked for goods and service taxes, and the extent of indirect taxes on consumption, sales and commodities, and national services. It will replace all indirect taxes imposed on goods and services by the Indian central and state governments.

    In today’s world, many products are manufactured in many states and consumed in many states. When these products go to the end of the consumers, we have to pay several taxes as mentioned above. The line is different in different states.Manufactured and consumed goods in the same state are subject to 5% VAT taxes, while goods manufactured in a state and consumed in another state are 2% CST. Service tax, service tax and wed will be charged accordingly. These rates vary from 12% to 26%. Under GST, it can be brought to a fairly tax rate, perhaps 18% which will benefit producers, distributors and consumers.

    The Congress’s proposal is to maintain 18% while the National Democratic Party draft is 25%.

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