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    Hi all my friends, i need to ask some questions to you. I am getting my pan card yesterday. I am not apply for main purpose. All my friends are getting the pan card. So only i have applied that. I cannot having any idea for using it. What are the uses of pan card for me. I have already getting credit and debit card. My father is given their credit and debit card to me for taken money for my personal use. What is the main goal for the apply pan card? Is that is getting any important features? Please give me the exact answer for my question. I am waiting for your reply here.
    My pan card is not getting my permanent address. It is getting my rental house address. How to change that and where i can get the approval for making changes. I have stored my acknowledgement in my drive. How to edit my address If any steps to follow for that activity? Please share me the details in this post. I am getting interest to change in my address myself in my pan card. I need some of benefits and advantages for using pan card for business transactions and others.
    I have collected the using pan card feature but it is not enough for me. I need real and accurate benefits for it. I have spent more money for my friends and festival time. What is the limit for buying food in restaurant? Shall i use the pan card for check my tax amount? What is the main authority for checking each and every person tax payment sections? Is it possible for watch the correct tax amount for the person? I am still waiting for other’s messages and information about the pan card important activities for me

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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