Amenities Committee

Amenities Committee is largely responsible for collecting feedback and complaints on the various amenities (such as refreshments, shops etc.) provided on the campus and engages with the administration with the help of other committees and Students' council members to find resolution to various issues and problems affecting the same. Also all feasible suggestions will be implemented as soon as possible.

Plans are also afoot to start new amenities on the campus after taking your feedback and considering for the wider student community. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Don't hesitate and just write to (please e-mail using institute mail id). Those interested in volunteering, please e-mail to the same id.

What we feel should be there in the campus. Keep writing to us for any new amenities, and also to improve existing ones.


Academic Committee

Academic Committee is a vital part of Student's Council (SC) which works for the welfare of the students and work in collaboration with administration closely. The objective of the academic committee is to offer a platform to the students of IISc to come forward and discuss their academic related issues. The academic committee focuses on the overall growth of the students, assisting them in performing their research and academic activities successfully.

Academic Committee also works for IIScians to hone their entrepreneurial skills and guide the interested budding entrepreneurs to reach their desired goals and exploiting various opportune moments in the entrepreneurial world with the help of Entrepreneurship Club which was formed two years back.

Our Agenda : we organize talks on various topics like Time management, entrepreneurial skills, personality development skills, Scientific paper writing skills and also related workshops. We are planning make contacts with industry persons and take their support for growth in research level of an individual student.


Communications Committee

Communications committee is concerned with communicating the activities of the SC to the student body. It is instrumental in spreading awareness about the role of the SC, the issues that it is engaged in and in publicising of forthcoming events.

Note that, communications committee is not a one way communication channel. Via the medium of the student's council website maintained by the communications committee, the SC uses regular polls to probe into the pulse of the student community. Students are encouraged to use the feedback portal to interact with the SC on a regular basis and we assure you that your ideas will not go unheard.

Communications committee remains in the loop regarding the activities of various committees and as such plays a pivotal role in coordinating activities between various committees.


Cultural Committee

The culture of India is rich and versatile and as well as a highly sensitive issue. The long history and well-separated geography of the country has shaped its culture in various forms. From the slokas of Rigveda through Kalidas to modern age poetry of Tagore, from Kathak to Bharatnatyam, from Hindustani and Carnatic classical music to the melody of Rahman, from Satyajit Ray to Girish Karnad we, Indians have a culture to cherish and be immensely proud of.

In Indian Institute of Science most of us are exposed to a mixture of people coming from all over the country for the first time. Life here becomes a learning curve for us when we realize amidst differences somewhere in our heart we have something in common, something well beyond cricket and bollywood - the feel of being an Indian. The committee is committed to this unity in diversity.

We, cultural committee of Students' Council will arrange different programs throughout the year. There will be freshers programs for the newcomers, classical evenings for the connoisseurs of music, DJ Nights to provide some entertainment in otherwise busy academic life, inter-deparmental events to showcase your skills, birthday celebrations of the great men of our history and many more events. The biggest event of the year will be IISc Fest-- a few days celebrating colours of life. With music, dance, drama and all we promise you a vibrant year ahead.


Environmental Initiatives Committee

The environmental initiatives committee aims at making a difference to some of the biggest challenges facing humanity like anthropogenic climate change and environmental pollution. The efforts of this committee will be focused at reducing the institute's environmental footprint, expanding the green cover and encouraging sustainable practices.

Activities planned for this year include:
1. Tree plantation
2. Reuse/recycling of plastic waste
3. Reducing electricity wastage


Health Committee

We are the part of the Students' Council, focus on the health relevant issues, such as coordination between the health center and the IISc student community. We dedicate our self to monitor clean, tidy and hygiene aspects of the IISc campus so that our fascinating student community can focus on their research with fresh and splendid mind. Just feel free to suggest, guide, volunteer, give help and take help regarding health issues.

1) To hike the current re-imbursement amount to current reasonable health expenditure.
2) To arrange overnight availability of doctor in health centre.
3) To organise student blood bank/donor for the benefit of IISc community.
4) Follow-up with Deputy Registrar of Unit-3 for resolving increasing dogs in campus.


Hostel Committee

Details about hostels and rules are available on


Placements Committee

As compared to IITs or NITs, where placement of students is taken care of by the administration and students usually do not get chance to actively contribute in that, but here in IISc we students are the integral part of the placement committee or in other words we are the only who form the committee. From the first stage of this process i.e. contacting companies, inviting them to participate in our placement activities to the final stage when students receive offer letters everything is coordinated by the placement committee formed under Students' Council.

To help students from the administration side CSIC facilitates the placement committee in the whole process.


Social Initiatives Committee

We, the students of IISc are fortunate enough to get into this institute and to have a convenient life here. We should not forget that what we are provided with at our institute has come from the tax paid by the common man of our country. So it is our responsibility to have a concern for the society and to work for the welfare of the underprivileged.

Social Initiatives Committee of Student's Council is formed to support and extend our love towards society. At present, this committee is focused on "Help the needy" movement which involves collection of clothes and other materials from the students (especially outgoing) and distribution of them to people in need. As in previous years, this year also, cardboard boxes were kept in all the hostels and the materials were collected and segregated regularly. There was a good response from the students and a huge amount of clothes and other articles are ready for distribution. Thanks to all IIScians for contributing to this noble cause.

Students interested for volunteering can contact . Suggestions and new ideas are most welcome. Other similar activities ('Note Book Drive', 'Reach and Teach' etc.) are also alive in the campus by the effort of some enthusiastic student groups .What we are doing may be just a drop in the ocean. We are gratified if that drop can bring smiles on some faces !!


Student's Support Network Committee

Far away from home....and still far deep in to work....sometimes drags few students into trouble...We, as members of Student Support Network, help the fellow students to come out of it and lead a happy and peaceful life during their stay at IISc...for...Less Stress means More Work. In achieving this goal, the following activities are being planned for the academic year 2010-11.

  • Awareness among the student community about Counseling Support by Prof. Nalini, Pschycological and Social counselor, and other activities such as yoga classes carried out by Centre for Counseling and Support, IISc.
  • Providing an online counseling support to the students through a direct web link in the student council SSN webpage. Information of students contacting this weblink is made known only to Prof. Nalini. The broad areas of counseling from the counselor/CCS includes relationship challenges, optimum potential realization, relaxation techniques, professional pressures and coping skills, personal psychological counseling and many more...
  • Providing proper guidance to interested students to meet the counselor for getting the needful help, enabling them to get de-stressed. We ensure strict confidentiality of the student details.
  • Periodic discussion forums will be organized through CCS for various groups (freshers, girls and research students). This includes talks from expert speakers on stress and time management, etc. Encouraging students to actively participate in these forums for their welfare.
  • Initiating Peer counseling through the student coordinators of the respective departments.
  • Encourage students to indulge themselves in to various events and activities happening in IISc to get refreshed from the hectic research work.


Women's Welfare Committee

Women's welfare committee is a vital part of Student's Council (SC) which works collaboratively with Women Cell for the welfare of the women students. Women's welfare committee focuses on the academic/non academic issues pertaining to the women's pursuing research at Indian Institute of Science. In concert with Students' Council, women's welfare committee ensures the comfortable stay of the women students in the campus. Women's welfare committee looks forward to organize 'Health awareness program' to disseminate the knowledge among woman students. Women's welfare committee is contemplating to organize a stress-management workshop and is working to machinate a self defense training program. Women students are encouraged to share their views. Any member of the committee can be contacted for any kind of problems faced by woman students in the campus. Kindly drop your email for your suggestions at any of the active members of the Women's welfare committee mentioned underneath.